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April 1-5, 2024
“Innovating and Integrating for the Future of Assessment.

Welcome to the National Assessment Week Website!

The Office of Academic Assessment and Program Review at California State University, Northridge proudly sponsors the National Assessment Week website. Launched in the Summer of 2022, this platform serves as a valuable resource for assessment leaders seeking virtual events, workshops, training sessions, and foundational resources.

What began as a website has evolved into a dynamic movement, a supportive community, and an invaluable resource hub. National Assessment Week (NAW) has become a dedicated time, celebrated annually during the first week of April, where various assessment events take place across the nation under a unified theme.

The primary aim of NAW is to foster a cohesive and nuanced discussion about assessment. By providing a shared platform, the week encourages a collective understanding of basic assessment principles while allowing for variations tailored to specific organizational needs.

We invite you to join our vibrant assessment community and become a member today. Together, we contribute to a shared dialogue that strengthens our assessment approach and enhances the impact of our educational initiatives.

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