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April 3-7, 2023
“Streamlining and Simplifying: Getting to the Heart of What Really Works (aka the Zen of Assessment).”

Welcome to the National Assessment Week Website!

The Office of Academic Assessment and Program Review at California State University, Northridge, sponsors the National Assessment Week website. The website was developed in the Summer of 2022 to support assessment leaders looking for virtual assessment events, workshops, training sessions, and basic resources. NAW has morphed into a movement, a community, and a resource. 

During National Assessment Week, time is dedicated to celebrating the role of assessment with a slate of assessment events across the country under a unified theme during the first week in April. 

The purpose of NAW is to offer a streamlined and nuanced discourse about assessment so that when we speak about assessment, we all agree on some basic principles of assessment with variations specific to our organizational needs. 

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